Driving Lessons

So you are ready to start?

If you are paying someone to teach you to drive they must be approved and registered with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) 

To be a qualified instructor they must display the appropriate badge shown, and on the reverse it should show the picture of the approved driving instructor and an ADI number.

A fully qualified ADI must display a green badge on the windscreen of the car while teaching you.

It is illegal for a person to give driving instruction for a fee if they are not suitably qualified and registered with DSA.



  1. Please make sure you have a current provisional licence with you on your first lesson, we will ask to see this.
  2. Wear the right gear – Comfy clothes and especially shoes are a must. No steel-capped boots or high heels please.
  3. Don’t worry about nerves – It’s perfectly natural to be nervous when learning to drive. Please don’t worry – just tell me how you’re feeling and I will know exactly how to help.
  4. Think ahead – You’ll need to be aware and alert during your lesson. So don’t have a big night out the day before – or drink alcohol. Tell me if you’re unwell as some medicines can make you drowsy and not safe to drive.


So you’ve had some lessons and you want to take your test.

Once you have gained a fair amount of driving experience I will suggest you apply for your theory test.  The test is made up of two parts – a multiple-choice section and a hazard perception section. You’ll need to pass both bits before you can book a practical driving test.




I strongly recommend that before taking the theory test, that you read the Highway Code and make use of the training aides available to take mock tests. These can be found on-line or by purchasing one of the many CD sets available.  Ask for more details.

Once you have passed this, we can then arrange for you to take your practical driving test.  This is where it’s your chance to prove to an examiner you know what you’re doing behind the wheel – and that you’re safe and confident on the roads.